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The Island 100 is a group of leading Isle of Wight residents who care deeply about the Island and its communities and have joined us to build a fund which will make grants to support community need on the Island in perpetuity. Local people motivated to make a difference, the Island 100 are helping to tackle grassroots issues in our community. If you are interested in supporting your local community please join the Island 100.

The Island 100:

  • Julie Adams
  • Adrian Medley
  • Colonel J A Aylmer
  • John Power
  • John Barwick MBE
  • Richard Prest
  • Ron Eskdale
  • Stuart Quarrie
  • Judi Griffin JP, DL
  • Mrs F A Simmonds
  • Peter Grimaldi
  • Anne Springman
  • Mark Hammer
  • Rosemary Stewart
  • Claire Locke
  • Andrew Turner MP
  • Glyn Locke
  • Hamish Wilson
  • Dr Chris Martin
  • Anne Vernon